About me

I am Michael Hořejšek, computer programmer. At least it's my profession and one of my passions. I started with PHP at small companies when I was studying at high school. But soon I switched to something better, to Python, which meant also switch to bigger company. I chose Seznam.cz where I work until today. At Seznam I stayed for five years at one project running business of Seznam and half of that time I was team leader. After those years I needed change and also find more time for coding while I am young so now I generate again a lot of code at team doing recommender system.

Python is not my only favorite language and it's possible that soon it will not be mine first choice. I also like kind of JavaScript and mostly Haskell. I really like functional programming and would love to see that used more. Not every problem is gracefully solvable with OOP! Because Haskell is not used much I use it at least at my personal project once per week or two. Project called personal RSS reader which is reader downloading articles not just from RSS and sorting by index „how probably I would love to read that“. Yes, again recommender system.

I do it for two years and it's getting slower because of my other passion is getting bigger. My second passion is dance. I dance salsa a lot and I travel quite often to festivals around Europe. To enjoy dance with my dancing friends, learn more, practice more and just move little bit after sitting all days in front of computer. And who knows, maybe one day it will be the other way around – I will be finding some chair with computer to rest for awhile. :-)

Last biggest part of my life is traveling. Now mostly to salsa festivals, but I also like to go visit and explore countries and their culture. Do some good pictures, be part of funny stories and share it with friends and something also here on blog. That's why you can find a lot blog posts about programming, traveling and dancing. Old posts are in Czech and since end of 2016 I started to write also some English posts.