Duolingo proved to be awesome

One of my friend is learning Spanish. She uses Duolingo and showed it to me few weeks ago. I want to learn Spanish so I gave it a try.

First experience was strange for me. I am used to different style of learning. Open book, swot up some chapter and do some test. By end of the book (aka year) do big test of everything to see that I actually know nothing. You know that, common experience at schools. I don't like this style at all but this is system which I was raised in. Deep inside me is written that being wrong equals failure.

And now there is Duolingo. There is no theory. No big list of words to memorize. No grammar. Nothing. You go directly to take tests and that's the way you learn. You are asked questions you can't know the answer to! Of course it means a lot of mistakes. I was so depressed about it! At least in first days of using that app. Since day one I have 22 day strike and I like it so much!

I don't know the grammar much but I am getting to be able to say something much faster than I would be in the old fashioned way. I can learn proper grammar later (if I will want to) and now just practice simple useful phrases so I can go visit South America and talk to people.

Duolingo is also great because it kind of force you to learn. If you are learning one week every day, you don't want to lose that strike and when strike is getting bigger and bigger, you are even more motivated. People are just competitive. We are so much competitive that I created club with my friend and we fight to have more experience points.

She has again more than me, time to learn! You should try it too. :-)