About me

Hello! I’m Michael Hořejšek, a computer programmer. At least it’s my profession and one of my passions. I profile myself mostly in Python and JavaScript, but I like to use also other languages, for example Haskell. I really like functional programming and I would love to see used that more.

I worked for Seznam.cz on projects including CRM, business, financial and recommending systems. I also worked at CZ.NIC on projects to help the Internet, such as HaaS, a database for IXPs, DNS analytics and cyber threat analytics. Now I work for ThreatMark on security systems mostly for banks.

I created and maintain several open source project, even thought I think open source sucks. The most popular is a fast implementation of JSON schema for Python. Another example could be a better Python interface for webdriver supporting pytest, or SQLpuzzle (Python again). More of my open source can be found on my GitHub account.

At home, I work on my personal projects. One is simply called a personal RSS reader. It’s an app downloading whole articles and videos without ads not just from RSS feeds and sorting them by “how probably I would love to read them”. Or I play a little bit with a machine learning to have a pretty good automatic DJ for salsa parties, so I can play music and be on the dance floor at the same time.

Besides programming, I like to dance salsa, surprise! :-) I’ve been at many festivals last years and I soon realized that workshops during the day and dancing during the night is not working for me, so I don’t attend workshops at festivals. I prefer to go to a superb event focusing on learning like Mamboland or to some marathon or other event with an afternoon socials.

I also love to travel. I like to explore countries and their culture. Do some good pictures, be part of funny stories and share them with friends and some of them also here on this blog. For example few posts of the most popular ones are from Dominican Republic, Iceland or New York City.

Last part of my life is my girlfriend and I write funny stories from our life here as well. All of them are available in category Family. But in Czech. My native language is Czech and I want to keep categories Family and Travel in Czech where I can play more with the language and posts are accessible also to my family. The rest, all my other thoughts, are in English since 2017.

E-mail: horejsekmichal@gmail.com