About me

Hello, I am Michael Hořejšek, computer programmer. At least it's my profession and one of my passions. I started with PHP at small companies during high school. Soon after I switched to something better, to Python, which I started to use professionally at Seznam.cz. I worked there for many years on many projects, including CRM, business, financial and recommending systems. Right now I am working at CZ.NIC on projects to help the Internet (HaaS, databse for IXPs, DNS analytics and cyber threat anaylytics).

Python is not my only favorite language. I can work with a lot of languages, mostly JavaScript and Haskell. I really like functional programming and I would love to see used that more. Unfortunately Haskell is not used much so I use it only for my personal project. A project called personal RSS reader, which is reader downloading articles not just from RSS and sorting by index „how probably I would love to read that“. Another interesting projects I do is my automatic DJ for salsa parties or salsa-calendar.com.

My second passion is dance. Surprise! :-) I dance salsa a lot and I travel quite often to festivals around the Europe. To enjoy dancing with my dancing friends, learn more, practice more and just move a little bit after sitting all day in front of a computer.

Last biggest part of my life is traveling. Now mostly to salsa festivals, but I also like to visit and explore countries and their culture. Do some good pictures, be part of funny stories and share them with friends and some of them also here on this blog. That's why you can find a lot of blog posts about programming, technology, traveling and dancing. From time to time also about whisky, food, movies and other life pleasures. Older posts are in Czech and since the end of 2016 I started the switch to English.

E-mail: horejsekmichal@gmail.com