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Social networks helped a lot to connect all of us. We can keep in touch even when we move to another city or country or during traveling or simply always. But…

We got used to using social networks too much and put our content there. Which is a problem as our content is not, in fact, ours. Social networks own it, and they can do whatever they want with it.

For example, they can filter what you are going to see from your friends or followers. They can take your posts down. Disable your account. Even a whole social network can be turned off! Your content is displayed in a way social network wants. Next to your content are ads without any profit for you (except some exceptions).

Social networks are like bad “phone operators.”

That’s why I think blogs are still essential and should be used more instead of social networks.

We shouldn’t delete our profiles and leave social networks. No. We just should use it for communication only and share our content in a way, it’s really ours.

I don’t want to read your social profile. I don’t want to use my free time to read many useless communicating posts to find your interesting content. I want to read your blog. I want to add your blog to my RSS reader, so I don’t miss your excellent posts. :-)

We don’t need Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other social network to share our thoughts. We can stay on the Internet and talk to each other without any big brother. We can use blogs. :-)

Let’s share our thoughts on blogs and use social networks to discuss where we can meet again for dinner!

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Díky za výstižný článek, maximálně souhlasím. Interesting thoughts, even though as for the first point, the same could be applied to, wix, blogger and all of the hosted services so unless everyone does a self-created solution (which many people, including me, do not want to do) we will be stuck in the described situation. :-) True. The best option is to use self-hosted solution or solution which promises to not shut down servers and not own the content, such as Posthaven (I used it for years and I can recommend it). But Wordpress and similar are still better than social networks in my opinion. You can customise it the way you like and the platform will not filter and/or shuffle your posts. :-)

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