It’s Not About Birthrates

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I think we should not forbid to share ideas. Yes, some thoughts and actions based on them are wrong, or even brutal. Like the one from New Zealand two weeks ago. Anyway, banning any piece will solve nothing. Why we can share and talk about Mein Kampf but not about manifesto of this guy. I don’t want to say there is something worth sharing, and I understand what he did based on his manifesto. But is outlawing helpful? Putting aside it can be easily found on the Internet anyway, how we can be sure there is no one else thinking about the same thing?

If I were some guy with similar thoughts, I wouldn’t think that my thoughts are bad based on the law. It would probably even deepened my thoughts. I would think the problem is even worse and fought even more.

From my perspective, it’s better, instead of banning, to understand his motives and explain it to others. For example, his main case is about birthrates of intruders (such as Muslims and others) of Europe, which is wrong as far as I know. There is an excellent TED talk explaining it. I think something like this talk would be a much better response than making new laws.

I understand it’s hard and also that people like to live in a social bubble. People suffer from social proof and cognitive dissonance. Some people will not change their minds, no matter what. Probably a lot of us, actually. I still believe it’s better to have a discussion. Maybe after the debate, we wouldn’t achieve anything, but at least we wouldn’t make it worse.

In case you read the manifesto and see some good points, look at good marks from the other side. This presentation is based on statistics collected by the United Nations, which is, at least for me, more trustworthy.

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