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Mind the age! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it’s technical.

"I hate reading other people's code" #devlife #programmerHumor #coderlife #WebDev pic.twitter.com/mUP0Y8oMcW

— TeravisionTech (@TeravisionTech) May 14, 2015

How to Measure Good #Code #programming #coding #programmerhumor pic.twitter.com/hBmTB2BSzL

— AuburnAveResearchCo (@auburn_research) June 1, 2015

Dear maintainer... #programmerhumor (via @imgur) pic.twitter.com/I317u74ns3

— Microsoft Developer (@msdevUK) June 18, 2015

"Check out my multi-threaded code" (via @moonpolysoft) #programmerhumor #devhumor pic.twitter.com/NJSwctcIh4

— Microsoft Developer (@msdevUK) February 20, 2015

OH: Whoever came up with that function must have used a lot of mushrooms. fix = f: let x = f x; in x;

— Domen Kožar (@iElectric) May 31, 2015

The first law of #Software Quality. #programmer #developer #programming #programmerhumor pic.twitter.com/ARQN96Ozd9

— Martin Lezer (@martinlezer) May 21, 2015

We will just add a "small feature" #programmerhumor (pic via @UltraLinx and @msdevUK) pic.twitter.com/FU7kVUQ5w5

— Microsoft Devs (@msdev_fr) June 10, 2015

"Sorry, we're WAY too busy to make such a big change right now. Cart's already full" #programmerhumor (via @reddit) pic.twitter.com/FRUppky6SF

— Stephen Ceresia (@stephenceresia) August 25, 2014

The best programming language ever (pic via @davechenell) #programmerhumor #webdev pic.twitter.com/bUyFofO1wj

— Microsoft Developer (@msdevUK) February 11, 2015

Accurate description of how my day is going #programmerhumor pic.twitter.com/KHQiyslhWl

— Cody Norman (@cnorm35) April 24, 2015

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