Open source sucks

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Yes, you heard me. It sucks.

I like open source. I use open source. I write open sources. I contribute to open source. And I will continue to do that. Anyway, open source sucks. There are two types of open source. Let's say, kind of, back-end and front-end. I like, use and everything, back-end part. I hate that second one, front-end part.

There is one big problem with open source which will never be solved. Open source is missing desperately some goal. Idea. Design. Focus on users. Developers can specify and follow goal for some libraries. Sometimes also frameworks. But that's it. Developers are good to deal only with small pieces. Developers will never be able to put small pieces into big one which works well. And by well I mean well for users. It needs project managers, designers and many others.

That's why I like to use (Debian-based) Linux for servers but I don't have any Linux at my any computer anymore. I'm happy user of Chromebook. I used to use Mac at work. And I have Android in my pocket. All of them actually use Linux but only as back-end, front-end is very beautifully well working wrapper.

Now I'm forced to use Linux without any wrapper at work again. And not just Linux. Everything has to be open source, for example IDEs, e-mail server, calendar, everything. Which means that when I organize meeting and room is actually used, I will get no information. There is no easy way to see meetings in my phone. Not even in Thunderbird. It's a lot of pain.

Situation is same as years ago. It still does not work as should be. And never will be.

Open source is good only at lower-level. It needs some company as Google or Apple, for example, to combine those open sources into some awesome products for users. Raw open source sucks and shouldn't be forced to use.

You can argue that for example Android or Chromium is in fact open source. Sure, but it's done by Google, open-sourced as side-effect and without proprietary software to access Google services not the same.

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World wide web sucks.

@Lukáš Němec: Very good video, thanks for sharing. :-)

There's plenty of front-end open source projects that are fantastic. Open source doesn't suck in any capacity. I can name literally dozens of great projects just off the top of my head.

@Hammy Havoc: I tried to say that open source has it's problems. There is from the definition no authority to make open sources communicate in some functional way. There is no chance to create connected services with open source how can do Google or Apple (without a lot of set up). On top of that many of open sources has a lot of flaws and nobody cares to fix them (of course, same thing can be for proprietary code as well but at least in company interest is to have good services). And that's why I think it's really bad idea to depend only on open source. I don't understand why would someone like to use broken open source just because there is not better other open source option. But I see now people are very sensitive about that so next time I will not use so provocative title. :-)