Rule of Three

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I like the number three probably a lot. I’m not sure why. Probably because when someone asked me for the first time, it was my first answer. Like a lot of people uses the date of birth. But I don’t just like it, I also use it a lot.

  1. For example as a computer programmer when I do something for the third time, I go to write a script to do the repeating job for me.
  2. Or when I read or watch something I write down at least three most important notes which will remind me that book or lecture later.
  3. And every year I have three major goals to be sure I’m always moving forward.

It’s really a magic number to me. It helped me a lot. It saves me time, helps me to not forget and pushes me forward. Feel free to use it or be inspired by it and have a magical 2017!

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