Chrome is new IE6

in code

I just realized that on my personal device I have only Chrome. I mean, not installed only Chrome, but sometimes I cannot even install anything else. I have Android and two Chromebooks. That's it.

When I created app for salsa dancers,, one friend sent me a screenshot with weird behaviour in desktop version of Safari. I found some CSS feature is not yet available broadly, so I blindly fixed the problem.

Another example: our app had issue with Chrome on Android, so we fixed that. But no one notify us, we noticed this problem because we were checking HaaS statistics on our phone.

So… I use for everything only Chrome and because of that my apps always perfectly works with Chrome even if there is some strange issue. I don't know how it works (or not) in other browsers. (On my workstation I already checked my apps in other browsers. At least those available on Linux.)

And… I'm not the only one. It's not unusual my colegue mentions his browser (Firefox) crashed and mine did not. Looks like many developers now test web apps only on Chrome.

Chrome is cool. It's still fast, minimalistic and clear. It has latest features. Everything is good.

Problem is, when there is some feature in draft and Chrome implements it, it then shapes the future of that feature. Everyone then optimize it to the way how Chrome implements it.

Not sure if it's wrong or not. But definitelly it sounds like problem with optimalizations for IE6 years ago…