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I was thinking about how I could help the World if I would be sent back in time. Let’s say I would invent the time machine by accident and send myself 100 years back. Or 200 years. Or even a thousand years back. Would I be even able to survive at least for a day or two?

I don’t know. I know that I know many things. But almost all of them are not much relevant for the year 1018. It’s useless to know how to create web apps when I’m not able to create a whole computer and network.

And it’s ok. We are living in a time when everything is in books and on the Internet. That the internet is with us everywhere. Instead of learning all the details we need to learn only how to analyze the problem and know how to find answers in sooo many available resources.

Thanks to all that knowledge and improvement in technology, we can live in cities and enjoy many possibilities. We can enjoy life without the need to know all the details and without hard work on the field. At least those who can release themselves from the technology, paradoxically.

Maybe you don’t want to accept it, but we are changing a lot because of that. I believe many of us would have a lot of challenges just by going to live back outside the city, to the country. We are adapting to the city life with the Internet available everywhere.

But… we are not able to keep up. Everything is changing rapidly. There are many things happening around. Not mentioning our body. Our body is not meant to live forever. Healthcare helped a lot to prolong our life, but we are hitting the limits.

Many people say AI will rise and replace us. Well, I don’t think so. It’s a very long way away. Sooner we will be able to fight back. Kind of. Because sooner we are going to be cyborgs. It’s not going to be AI vs. humans. It’s going to be marriage.

Actually, it’s already happening. Many scientists are exploring many ways how to extend our body. There is also the first person who can feel mechanical leg. Well, cyborg.

Many companies are trying to come up with a good AI for many problems. The biggest fields probably right now are autonomous cars and voice assistants. It’s just a matter of time when this still primitive AI (but with great capabilities anyway) is going to be used in mechanical parts of our bodies.

To sum it up: we were not able to live without books. Then we were unable to live without cities. Not long ago we added to the list the Internet. And soon we will not be able to live without body enhancement. Doesn’t feel like natural progress, but looks to me like inevitable progress.

You know, we are on this planet only a very small fraction of the time. It makes sense we are evolving to match a new environment. Hell, maybe one day our bodies will have a port to be able to connect to the mother nature board like in Avatar!

Then it will be even harder to go back in time. Maybe that’s the reason why nobody came back. At least we don’t know about it. But I suspect Leonardo da Vinci is from the future. I’m always amazed by what he was able to achieve in his time! He had to cheat! :-)

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