I Drink for the Taste

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Our society depends on alcohol too much. At least 1.3 percent of people with alcohol dependency globally is a lot in my opinion. I don’t mind to have a toast with alcohol, but we don’t have to make an alcoholic toast for everything and every time. :-)

Alcohol is a toxin. Same as sugar. We like it and our body can handle it. But it’s not healthy to drink every day few drinks… to have a longer life.

I don’t believe any study proving drinking can prolong life. Alcohol is a toxin for sure and I can imagine it can prolong life because it helps to deal with stress which is killing us as well. But, then, it’s quantity over quality.

It’s already a few years when I was thinking that maybe I don’t need to buy a drink every time I go somewhere and drink non-alcoholic drinks instead. It’s only a few months I’m really doing that.

It took me some time to overcome so much of exposure everywhere. I was not addicted and anyway I wasn’t able to not order wine at dinner in a restaurant or drink at a party. Probably I would be still doing that if I hadn’t a girlfriend who is abstinent. That helped a lot. Can’t imagine how big challenge it’s for addicts lost in a crowd of addicts.

It’s sad we need alcohol to have fun. Even more, if it’s because we have a lot of stress which we don’t know how to overcome without alcohol.

I’m not strongly against alcohol. Alcohol is like sugar. It’s good, but not healthy in big numbers. I just want to point out that maybe we use alcohol unnecessarily too often.

I think it’s perfectly fine to go to a beer festival, wine degustation, or have whisky night. Just let’s not drink everywhere. Let’s have maybe shorter, but more quality life!

By the way, because of drinking, girls have a harder time to hide pregnancy when they refuse to have a glass of wine when they usually don’t. :-P

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