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In a world with people, we have a Cambridge Analytica scandal. While the rest of the world is full of smart design. Watching any series from David Attenborough (even if he is the only narrator) full of nature is so peaceful, amazing, and educational…

When I was young, I was so excited about computers and so, but now I’m very skeptical. I’m not scared of Artificial Intelligence or something. Technology is double-edged sword, and I can’t help myself, I’m afraid that dark edge is bigger and bigger. We have devices and services with cool abilities, but there is a big problem who can control it… Actually, several days ago there was nice XKCD about that:

I think it’s time for everybody to really deal with what we do on the Internet. I’m not a fan of campaigns like #deletefacebook. Well, we can all leave Facebook, I would be glad, it’s a horrible platform, and I use it only because of Messenger where I can contact all my friends. But it will not end there. Do you know, for example, that WhatsApp or Instagram is owned by Facebook? If you want to really leave, good, but use simple and secure Signal. Don’t also forget about like button everywhere with shadow users.

Something else has to happen: you need to… no, you have to be a master of your device and what you read.

Delete apps you don’t use or need so much. More than 80 apps on the phone are weird. Verify what permissions your apps have. Keep only needed permissions (Settings > Apps > App permissions on latest Android). Any app with wrong permission can be dangerous. Don’t forget that 2FA includes your text messages and an app that can read them… Or are you aware that your phone has two cameras and a microphone? An app that has access to that can listen to everything you say or even see you…

Set up notifications in a way that is not disturbing. You don’t need to be notified someone tweeted, nor even someone messaged you! Read messages and news when YOU have time. Turn off sound for every notification except call. Enjoy that freedom!

And mostly, don’t read the news on platforms which decides what and in which order you see, like Facebook. Good old pal RSS is still around, not going anywhere and does an excellent job. What is RSS? It’s a format that can use your favorite magazines and blogs to send new content to your RSS reader. Before I created my reader, I used Feedly. Give it a try. :-)

…what I was saying? Oh, yes. Nature is full of smart design, so animals can be dumb and live happily. Cities are full of smart devices, making a lot of obstacles. We have to be smart to use them.

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