I Will Not Fix Your Computer

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I’m something like a cabinetmaker. Every computer programmer is.

When you want some new closet, you don’t go directly to a cabinetmaker. First, you check out some cheap IKEA or maybe something more expensive and more robust from another company that already has something ready-to-use. You will not ask cabinetmaker for every new piece of furniture you need.

And it’s the same with computer programmers!

A computer programmer can do a custom program that will fit your needs precisely. But it will be expensive. If you don’t need that, then simply buy some completed product or use even some free version. It won’t be very nice sometimes, but it will work. It will still be better than ask some junior. Would you want your wardrobe to be made by one junior only?

And, of course, a cabinetmaker is not happy to build your IKEA. He or she doesn’t want to because he or she loves to create new robust, customized stuff. Not managing cheap alternatives.

Please, do not ask computer programmer you know to fix your excel table, access, Windows, phone, and definitely not your cables, that’s a hardware problem! Manage your settings alone or ask a computer geek, not a computer programmer.

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