AI Can Save Us

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I’m not afraid of AI. In fact, I think even when AI evolves into some kind of life form and threatens us, we will be able to fight back as we will be cyborgs by that time. In other words, it will be regular war between people.

New York Times lists 36 question you can ask someone if you want to fall in love. Spoiler alert, question #6 is about choosing between mind and body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life. I did this test with my girlfriend and I answered mind because I really believe our body is replaceable.

Anyway, AI will come and it can hurt us. But Artificial Intelligence is very far away. First something else will come, let’s say Automation Improvements (usually usage of AI actually is very far away from the real meaning). And it can hurt us soon by taking jobs. We can soon expect cars driving with nobody behind the wheel. The most common job is a driving of any sort. And it’s for sure not the only task which will be replaced by computers.

How to deal with that? I don’t know. I’m not the expert. My opinion is we should leave those tasks and do what we are good at. It’s not happening for the first time. But definitely it’s different, as almost all manual tasks could disappear.

What can we do? Enjoy a life! We need to stop thinking a job is the most important thing. It isn’t. We are.

Don’t take a job so seriously. When you feel you need a vacation and you cannot because of substitutability in your team, it’s a problem of your employer, not yours. When you feel you should really work every day eight hours with a full concentration, well, you shouldn’t. Working like that means you will burn out; probably very soon.

We need to be more creative; we need to read more and spend more time with family and friends. Exactly what we all want from the beginning anyway, right? :-)

More of automation (and also artificial intelligence later) can save us. Finally we will not have to do be doing meaningless jobs. We will have a lot of time for thing which matter. Which things exactly? It’s up to you!

Here is fantastic talk about it as well:

BTW if you are interested how AI works, try for example short playlist how neural networks works by 3Blue1Brown. In case you want more, there is a free online book about Neural Networks and Deep Learning. On later website is also appendix with a question if there is a simple algorithm for intelligence. The following quote by Schwartz is good:

Well, some of these developments may lie one hundred Nobel prizes away

So as Michael Nielsen says, we are still a long way away. Don’t be afraid and focus how AI can save us.

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