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I created A website which shows all salsa events around you or location you are interested in. With a clean design, simple, mobile friendly, all perfect.

The most important part was automation. People are not good at filling forms and almost everyone is using Facebook for promoting events. So, the first feature was to use the Facebook API to get data about public events.

It was working well until Cambridge Analytica happened. It was very soon after I got the first version working. After that, Facebook took down the API to the public data. It’s locked down and I cannot use that feature anymore.

Now, the calendar has no data, and I don’t think people would be willing to create an event on Facebook and then bother to do that in another place as well.

We can look at It’s similar, but from my point of view complicated. Even when I reported how hard it’s to use it (from both sides, user and organizer), nothing happened. Anyway, there were (not all, but) many salsa events in Prague before Cambridge Analytica, now there is almost nothing.

I had even more ideas about how to make calendar very useful for salsa travelers. But without data, it’s useless… So I was thinking what to do so salsa calendar can be full again. (Go check for example Prague in the first quarter of 2018.)

Maybe to find some moderators for every location and they would do that? I’m not sure it would work. What would people convince to maintain data? Would you be willing to manage your events or all events in your location?

What do you think?

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