Relationships and Salsa

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Salsa is a special place. Non-dancing people have problems to understand that. They are afraid their dancing soul mate is cheating on them. I don’t blame them. :-)

Not because we do. Well, of course, there will always be someone like that. But because we act like we do.

I was kind of flirting with all the girls I was dancing with. And many of them were flirting with me as well. I didn’t tell them anything about whom I’m dating and girls didn’t tell me either.

All my friendships were very weak based on that innocent flirting. Supposedly to help keep friends around to have many people to dance with.

Do you recognize yourself in that as well? :-)

I remember once how my girlfriend kissed me before we entered the party in Paris saying “the last kiss so you are not embarrassed and can dance with anybody”. Or something like that.

Well… now I understand it wasn’t for me, but for her! Now, because I stopped being afraid to admit I have a girlfriend. Guess what happened. All the girls told me after that they have a boyfriend as well.

I think for some girls it has to be a big relief. For me it was amazing. Thanks to that I can discuss with my friends anything and it’s more honest. Friendship then can be better. :-) At least mine is.

It’s better, but I will not tell you who is my girlfriend anyway. Because statistically, men don’t dance much with a girl when they know she has a boyfriend (edit: mostly on festivals than local parties as I heard that from friends on festivals). Not sure if it’s because of habits or absence of sex opportunity for that night…

I know one thing, guys can be honest with a profit. Girls have harder situation and I wish we could dance without a need to flirt all the time.

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