Loneliness at Big Festivals

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I find this very ironic. Salsa festival El Sol in Warsaw is one of the biggest. Maybe even the biggest in Europe. You would think that there is soo many people you will hardly have time alone. But it’s very easy to be alone. It can even be more lonely than when you are really alone!

I think for many people, this is not surprising. It’s a similar problem, like a lot of bread in the shop. I think it was in New Zealand where I met for the first time a very long aisle with bread only. I was scared—kind of. I didn’t know which bread to buy. There were so many types and kinds! Which one is tasty?!

And I was scared at El Sol as well. I came in… and there was a huge dance floor full of people. Really full. Almost no space to even walk around the dance floor.

I came for the third time this year. How is it possible it’s different now? Well, I can see two reasons. This cannot be done without alcohol. I wasn’t alone with this, and all of us this year I know about were sober or had only one drink.

Another problem could be that I was kind of alone. I was staying at the hotel alone, and I always came to the party alone. It’s the worse combination you can think of.

If you know nobody, it’s tough to come to some group of people and start chatting. I could do it only with people I already knew. I wanted to dance and talk with some other people, but I didn’t do that.

To survive a big festival, you have to come with a group and do a pre-party. Without it, it’s very hard. But then there is the problem that people are coming to the party later and later, which is sick.

But the concert was terrific. Orquesta Broadway is fantastic. Little bit shame they used all hits at the beginning but anyway I enjoyed it a lot.

This is actually the only reason I will come next time to some big festival like this one. Only big festivals can afford to bring some famous big orchestras. I will try to support them if I can come.

I will enjoy social dancing at events like a marathon during the day, and I will learn new moves at events like Mamboland. Big festivals are useful only to bring amazing concerts, and now I think about to visit the festival with Tromboranga. :-)

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You've made a fantastic point. While I've enjoyed going to festivals by myself, I've also heard many people saying that you can make friends at these congresses and that is something that I've found really hard to do.

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