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Well, kind of. :-)

I don’t profile myself as a DJ. I created one.

I will tell you a story. I wanted to contribute to the salsa community in my hometown, Prague. We have many parties for casino dancers, but our local community struggles on a number of parties for LA or NY style salsa. Usually, it’s only one party per week.

Having one party every week is actually good. I understand it’s a lot. There are places without any party! But I think Prague deserves to have more parties. Prague is a big city, and we have several on2 dancers who don’t attend the party much. I love dancing on2, and I wanted to dance with those people. I thought maybe they are tired and want some diversity; to have more options, more styles, more good salsa!

But no one would be willing to do another regular party. I took the challenge. Problem was… I needed someone to be DJing. I asked my former salsa teacher, DJ, and friend, Marian, and we did it together. Anyway, still, I would need to be DJing sometime. When I would be DJing, I couldn’t be dancing much…

Well, I’m a computer programmer!

I asked Marian for tips. What to do and what not as a DJ. And then I sat down and wrote it so my computer can understand. It worked well. It’s not perfect but does the job.

Did the new party help bring back the dancer? Not really. Before all of it, I did the survey, and people were excited, but they didn’t come anyway. Now I don’t have the time/energy to continue with the party.


I have that program.

I have a decent amount of salsa songs. My library could play for two days.

And there is a lot of marathons or social afternoons, where is sometimes a dead hour; an hour, when DJs don’t like to play because there aren’t many dancers on the dance floor.

So… I’m offering to all organizers of afternoon dancing my services. I can set up my computer and let play songs which dancers like during the afternoons. I will do it for free, but if you will insist on giving me something on return, a discount for the pass is fine. :-)

Why I offer it only for an afternoon? Because I love afternoon dancing and I’m sleeping during the night. I do that really to support afternoon dancing. I understand it can be expensive for organizers and not very fun for DJs. This is aimed to help to overcome those obstacles.


BTW, I’m working on a version with machine learning to make it even better. Not sure when it will be ready, but one day… one day in 2019, it could be used for the first time. :-)

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Hi, do you have a github link for this? @Also programmer: Hi, no, it’s private. It’s very tailored to my needs and to salsa genre that is not usable for others. So umm what does it do? Is making a playlist not good enough? @Wouter: It's a complete web player which makes a good enough playlist on the fly by specifying current mood on the dance floor.

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