Leggings and Salsa

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I was sitting in Hamburg at the salsa marathon, enjoyed the music, and watched the dance floor. The following was very hard not to notice: looks like the leggings fashion, if we can call it that way, is on the top!

At least I hope so. Because if we are not on the top, I’m really afraid of what more I can see in the future.

I counted 18 couples on the dance floor, and only three ladies had something else than leggings! I also noticed this pattern in previous marathons in Berlin or Heidelberg, but men were more awful because a lot of them were wearing a tracksuit.

I get it. A tracksuit is comfy. It can be practical. Probably leggings are similar in this. But both are really horrible to look at. It’s suitable for sports or a home sofa, not to show it outside.

On Wikipedia is section whether to use leggings as outerwear:

There has been societal debate about whether leggings are clothing on their own, which can be worn without covering, or are an accessory only to be worn with other items covering them, such as skirts, dresses or shorts. In a 2016 poll of its readers Glamour magazine stated that 61% of its readers thought that leggings should only be worn as an accessory, whereas an article that same year from Good Housekeeping concluded that “...Leggings do, in fact, count as pants - provided they are opaque enough that they don’t show your underwear.”

I’m not saying everyone should wear smoking or a long dress, not at all! I even don’t mind all leggings. Just use something over, and it can be okay. Skirt, long shirt, retro dress, anything. Because I’m not interested in your details of genitals!

Leave this so-called fashion to bachateras; we don’t need it at salsa. :-)


Many people took this post too much personally with a lot of emotions and commented without a clear understanding. Because only then can I understand why people accused me of sexual harassment or that I don’t like women’s body, or from patriarchy and other stuff. I’m not sure how this could happen. Probably this topic is very controversial, and people are just… people.

To make it crystal clear: I hate “camel toes” which I would prefer not to see and I don’t like clothing intended for sport at the party. Nothing more.

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