Mamboland: the Best Salsa Festival

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There is always some dance festival. No one can visit them all. You need to choose some… which is hard.

I soon realized dancing isn’t about variations, and I stopped attending workshops. Not entirely, but now I attend only a few of them. Because it doesn’t make sense to go to the full room where no one has enough space without proper feedback, and then run to be closer to a teacher to make a video. And then fight at the door to quickly move to the different workshop and maybe also eat on the way.

Fortunately, it can be done differently.

Adolfo organized amazing Mamboland. It’s done oppositely.

Instead of a lot of different workshops, there is only one room for every level (beginners, advanced and masters). You stay in that room, and Adolfo takes care to do it meaningfully. There is also time to practice. Every room has it’s own time for lunch, which is also provided. Water is also available the whole day. The video is made for you as well. It’s just for a few hundred people.

This means you don’t care about anything; you focus on dancing and learning. This style will definitely take you from your level to the next one.

I wish there were more festivals like this one. Mostly because it’s hard to get there because of a limit to a few hundred people and I think a lot of people should visit this festival. I can’t wait for the next year!

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