Let's dance during the day

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Last week I wrote about the need for new types of salsa events to have better diversity. To have more amazing places to learn and even more awesome places for social dancing. Problem is, it's not going to happen anytime soon. When I discuss this topic with friends, it's something really missing. I would love to have some “social weekend” without waiting. Also, I want to have proof it can be really good.

Well… let's do it now!

All my friends (and future ones as well), let's sabotage the night parties at festivals where is social during the day.

For example, I'm going to Šibenik, Berlin marathon and Heidelberg marathon in next few months…

In Šibenik I purchased parties, but I will try to not attend them. I will start with a lunch, swimming and then I will be available at the hot spot. After hot spot I will go again into the water or take a shower and have a dinner. After dinner some fun and I will go sleep soon. In the morning I will get up at half past six, eat a little bit and attend end of the night party which will be already outside. And repeat again.

At followings marathons I will come early, be there the whole day, not leaving after dinner (to sleep as many people usually does to be able to dance during the night), and will leave before midnight to sleep normally. I will dance same amount of hours as others, but without salsa lag, with more space and with the slower songs (as is usual during the day).

My friend Anne (hi!) already does that. My girlfriend Lenka (hi!) began that during the last Prague's marathon and she was more than happy! Other friends promised me they will do that with us as well.

Will you join us?

I have mostly girls on board. We need some men as well. :-)

Let's prove it's possible!

If it will go well, I will try harder to convince someone to prepare salsa event like we like it. Would be great if you would do that with me as well, but with organizers around you.

Or, hell, I will do a social weekend myself!