I’m White Hetero Man Around 30, Should I be Worried?

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We, as humanity, don’t accept women well.

We are a racist.

We ignore old people.

Young ones as well.

We don’t support minorities.

We refuse to see working gay family.

We hate other’s religion.

And political opinions.

We should fix all of that. We are doing that. We are trying to do better. We discuss those topics. We are thinking about quotas. We are trying to have good diversity.

Well, ehm, really? Does some quotas or building good diversity really help? I don’t think so. To bring the quota program means another type of discrimination and really tough days not just for recruiting teams. Very well wrote about that Uncle Bob a few months ago. It’s about women in software engineering, but it can be applied to any mentioned problem.

I understand the frustrations of some people with those problems. But any extreme solution will solve nothing. At least in my opinion. I could be wrong, but I don’t support any extreme solution and I agree in 100% with Uncle Bob.

A quota policy may seem to be helping women by offering them a greater chance of employment. However, at least in this simplistic thought experiment, the net result is to tilt the playing field in favor of men.

I don’t think I should be worried. We all should be. Only very few exceptions would benefit from quotas.

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