Google Assistant 2018

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Originaly I wanted to type Google I/O 2018, but…

All new features announced at the Google I/O keynote this year are pretty cool. Check them out:

I love many of those new features. Like usage of their AI in medicine, conversion of photos with document to PDF, adaptive battery in Android by the probability of app usage, automatic Do Not Disturb activation, navigation with street view and camera or even Google Lens to copy & paste directly from camera!

All of that is very cool and will be very useful. I can’t wait to have it available on my phone.

Even improved Google News with Newscasts and Full coverage is nice. I had an idea of something like Newscasts years ago and I created my own app for that. But it struggles last two years as I don’t have much time to improve it. Anyway, even that I’m sceptical about any recommendation system, it’s a very good improvement.

What worries me very much is autocomplete in Gmail and that assistant can make calls for you. Check the videos (if you missed it in the previous one):

It’s also nice. But… it’s not me. I don’t want some machine to save me a few seconds by completing sentences I would write differently. I don’t want to change my style of communication to some general way. Well, I can handle that, I can turn off autocomplete and do not use assistant to make calls for me. But I don’t want to communicate with machines as well…

So, use it. It can be really helpful. I would rather pay attention to the road instead to phone call. Or I would be glad to be able to send important e-mail before loosing signal. But don’t overuse it. Let’s stay human. I want to communicate with YOU.

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