Tale of Two Brains

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I wanted to be alone. But one girl disagrees with me. She is trying very hard, so I can love her. She is using a lot of dark magic! Many of them are explained in the following seminar. It’s an outstanding seminar. I’m not sure why she wanted to watch it together as I now know her secrets. :-) Anyway, I learned a lot, and I recommend it to anybody. It doesn’t matter if you are single or not. <3

(If the video is not available, search for Mark Gungor, Tale of Two Brains.)

It’s fun, find a time to watch it. No excuses. If you have excuses anyway or want to remind what’s there, there are my notes:

  • Men and women think differently. Men have separated boxes with “nothing box”; women connect everything with emotions.

  • We have different meanings for the same words. For example, 5 minutes, nothing (nothing vs. something) or sigh (all right vs. you are an idiot). Notice them!

  • Men do filter words, and they need precise orders! Also, they need to be asked more than once.

  • Women tend to keep talking to the guy even after leaving the room. Or even the floor! Girls, don’t do that.

  • Men are interested mostly only about “place of happiness,” but to that place, the way goes through the heart. Guys, be nice to the girl, and girls, don’t give him anything for free, barter with him.

  • Because of that… don’t ask men why he is doing things. You don’t want to know.

  • Men can be trained. We want to be rewarded! Girls, appreciate what he does. And guys, do small surprises so girls can appreciate you (to get so-called dings).

  • Women don’t make any difference between small and big things. Cleaning the whole house and making the bed will gain the same points!

  • Guys, don’t surprise a girl. Tell everything in advance. She will then talk about what you prepared, and for every share, you will get points as well for free!

  • Men need to be appreciated and believed in, or he will share his dreams with other girls.

  • Men think of themselves as perfect, women as ugly, fat, … but an attractive woman is a confident woman. Don’t compare yourself with photoshopped magazines. Be confident.

  • Some people, mostly women, don’t have the desire for sex until they have it. Guys, don’t ask and be The Initiator!

  • Guys, learn to “climb the palm tree.” Prepare girls by touching there and there a whole day.

  • Average time for women is between 7 and 14 minutes. For men, only two. Girls, you need to have regular sex so your guy can keep up.

  • Porn doesn’t work.

  • Learn to forgive. It’s not for the partner (or another person), it’s for you. If you do not forgive, only you will be unhappy. It’s the reset button in case of an emergency.

Yeah… my notes are intentionally boring. Watch the seminar!

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