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I watch several science channels, and I thought I could share my list with others. :-)

Videos explaining difficult mathematical problems. Grant Sanderson is doing a great job to explain them simply.

Sorry, not a channel. Every day a new picture of our fascinating universe. Sometimes, even more than just a picture. Check out for example, this fantastic animation of Perseid Meteor Shower.

Interesting and fun science.

It’s not much science as more interesting questions about anything what CGP Grey finds attractive.

Short graphical videos of “cool physics and other sweet science” explained very well. Special relativity can then be seen as easy stuff!

“Exciting discoveries in science, recent and historical.” It started years ago, but without any new video, probably because Derek Muller has another channel Veritasium and he was also working on another project called Vitamania. A movie questioning how much vitamin tables are safe and “natural.” Excellent movie, by the way!

Very well known Dustin’s channel exploring the world using science. He likes to take experiments and see our world in slow-motion.

It’s here since 1984 with a moto “ideas worth spreading.” Shame on you if you don’t know about this one! In TED feed are many talks not only about science. Many fascinating ideas worth watching. :-)

Short videos explaining mostly mathematical problems.

“Videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting”, the main channel of Derek Muller. Many interesting videos!


Child of MinuteEarth about how climate change impacts all of us.

Another good channel who tries to show science in beautiful way.

Short graphical videos like minutephysics but about our planet. If you like minutephysics, you will like this one as well! And probably also the Hot Mess.

I could finally understand, at least be familiar with, what I can see on the airplanes, buildings, and generally everywhere around!

I was skeptical about Michael and his channel, but a friend recommended this one, and it’s really good! At least I like the videos from the latest years. Mind Field series is more than good, it’s incredible. :-)

Which interesting sources do you follow?

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