Brief history of time

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In case you want to learn something what is not easy to read, but interesting in the same time, I can recommend book Brief history of time by Stephen Hawking. I learned a lot about our universe and time. And even more I learned how much we don't know.

It's amazing how philosophers could philosophize about the meaning of life and so, because science was simple. There was us, on the planet, flying around the Sun, in some galaxy.

Now, now it's a lot of math. As Hawking wrote in the book, nowadays only a few people can understand that complicated math in the background of everything, without simple explanation for the rest of us. It will take time to find still missing ultimate theory which can be simplified for all of us.

There is very good quote:

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

-- Albert Einstein

The best scientist still struggles. And this book is the best you can get to understand at least little bit what scientists are trying to achieve.

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