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I read mostly educational books which I don't read cover to cover, word by word. My reading is probably more scanning than reading. It's very good for this kind of books (as you only read when you don't understand or it doesn't match what you expect to be there), but it's a very bad habit for any other types of books.

I don't remember the last time I enjoyed reading every word of the book. It has to be a long time. But finally it happened again with a book Talks With T. G. Masaryk. Not sure if it's so good in English as well, but I want to let know also people outside the Czech Republic because not only the form of writing is good, content is very good as well.

It perfectly describes how it looked like here, in Czech Republic, before and during the First Czechoslovak Republic. Actually, not only here, but also around. At least the relationships between countries and people.

It's not uncommon to hear people complaining how bad it is nowadays. How it was better before. Well…

A lot is better now. We have plenty food. Books. Books in our language. All available in our pockets. We don't know what is war.

And much more is the same. Many times I heard it's better to travel these days, but people were traveling a lot before as well. Even 100 years ago people were complaining about cities and that countryside is better. Problems with the equivalence of women are the same, kind of.

But sure, something is worse as well. Looks like people knew more languages than today.

For me is also interesting how he saw America or Russia. Americans had practical optimism. Russians had disgusting politics, but very kind people. Masaryk said we should learn from everyone. Including ourselves and our history. Well, the same can be seen today and we learned nothing!

Or the importance of religion; how church and traditions helped to country life. Also politics; why we have so many parties when America have only two. Thoughts about communism and where it can be used (only in family or small friendly town).

And about life. How important is to have a life rich of events and inner progress. So read this book as this one is really good. :-)

BTW about the First Chechoslovak Republic exists great encyclopedia! (This one only in Czech, sorry.)

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