They Shall Not Grow Old

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War is a horrible thing. We can hardly imagine what it does to people. Moreover, we haven’t been in a war in Europe for a long time. Which is a good thing! We live our peaceful life full of everything. Even when you think you don’t have enough, you have enough. You just don’t realize it.

Our life is very good.

More than good.

We have a place to stay. A car or two. Three or more meals a day. We can go on holiday two times a year. We can go anywhere.

But we go to places with 5* complex and stay in there. We live our luxury life, and we discuss whether we should allow coming immigrants to the EU. But we know nothing about their lives. We see a phone in their hands, and we think they don’t have such a bad life after all.

Well, sit comfortably on your couch and watch They Shall Not Grow Old. It’s an excellent movie. The end is very strong. You will see a lot of horrible stuff, but the latest one is worse.

People are struggling, and we have no idea how much.

Moreover, we don’t care much.

(BTW I think it’s perfectly OK to not care about everything. But if we don’t care, we shouldn’t judge.)

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