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Most of the movies or TV shows I watch come from Hollywood. I’m from central Europe—specifically the Czech Republic, but I don’t watch local production. We rarely have anything worth watching. At least I don’t find it time well spent.

The issue is, everything coming from Hollywood is kind of the same. Sure, they try to make movies for everyone. You can find some weird low-cost titles and have totally different experiences. These days, genres are mixed sometimes, which adds some fresh air. Minorities are included more and more.

But still, the experience is the same. Moreover, when we compare only blockbusters. It might not be clear, you might see a lot of different movies, but that might change for you once you actually see something different—for example, an Indian film.

Bollywood is not just the Hindi version of Hollywood, nor the opposite. It is an entirely different world on its own. When you see a movie from India for the first time, you might be shocked.

I watched the American musical Fame recently, and I wouldn’t necessarily call it musical. Almost any Hindi film is more musical than mentioned Fame from my point of view. Any. Like any genre. There will always be scenes when people start dancing and singing. Get ready for it.

Also, the pictures are very colorful. Superhero comic books are colorful, and Marvel does not miss that on the big screen. I read many reviews that Marvel movies are for kids because of this. I would be interested in what these reviewers say about Indian movies. It’s even more colorful, especially during dancing and singing scenes!

I think that I find it funny even though it is not meant to be funny. Still, I have a great time watching films from India! I’m sorry to anyone who can find it offensive; I just come from different culture, so I find funny different things than you might.

One of the last movies I saw was Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. If I don’t count Dangal, which has a Disney logo at the beginning, Baahubali 2 is the most successful Indian film, at least the highest-grossing movie.

I feel that even if you are familiar with Indian production, you will be surprised what scenes Baahubali includes. I enjoyed it a lot. My wife was laughing even the second day. It is better than many good comedies. But as I said before, probably not all is meant that way. Anyway, still an exciting experience!

Hopefully, the following information does not spoil anything about the movie. I think not, because it’s evident from the first minutes. Baahubali (the character) is all Avengers in one person. The presentation of this fact is, most of the time, comical. It’s like a parody for Marvel.

But it works. My wife said that Hollywood tries to make it look natural. This is an issue when you obviously see it cannot be real when a lot of digital nonsense is on the screen. Or too crazy, like the Fast and Furious saga. At some point, you cannot just do more if you want to stick to reality. In Baahubali and other Indian movies, it is super clear the scene is unreal and is there only to amuse you. And it’s very creative!

So if you want to see something different, I recommend Baahubali for sure. Don’t be afraid of the length of both movies. You will not even notice it was that long. At least I didn’t.

To be honest, I think I would never start watching Indian movies if it weren’t for the director and screenwriter Rajkumar Hirani. The first movie I saw was 3 Idiots, and it is a spectacular film. I watched all movies done by Hirani, and I would watch them anytime again. I hope Hirani is not done making movies.

In the meantime, Bollywood has many films I can choose from to get rest from Hollywood’s playbook. I found even one marked as musical! I’m curious about that for sure.

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