Peter Rabbit

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I got a recommendation to watch the Miss Potter movie. It’s about Beatrix Potter, a famous author of children’s books known for the main character Peter Rabbit. It’s an excellent, calm movie worth watching.

Despite the popularity, I didn’t know her stories, not even the most known character. I was curious if the Czech adaptation exists, and of course, it does! Peter Rabbit was a bestseller translated to many languages; just it was not part of my childhood.

My wife found two used Potter’s books, and we picked the one with four stories, including the main one. Some details are a bit weird, but otherwise, I understand why it was (and still is) so popular. Both story and pictures are marvelous. Beatrix was not just an astonishing storyteller but mostly a painter.

I love animated movies, and I watched all I could find. Naturally, I was surprised to find out there is a kind-of animated movie Peter Rabbit from 2018, which I haven’t seen.

I had to remedy this issue, and I’m glad I did. It’s very childish. Be prepared that all jokes are simple. But it works. It works so well that I laughed the whole movie like I hadn’t for a long time.

And the best part about it? There is going to be a sequel this year! 2021 is saved.

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