Only Two Notebooks Worth to Buy

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I don’t understand why it’s hard to find good notebook. Actually only usable device (at least for me) is Chromebook or Mac. Anything else is just piece of s… ehm, not good piece.

After years I have again Dell. Very good one. But I have problems to use it. The biggest problem is touchpad. It’s very poor. Very small and supports no gestures. Also it isn’t positioned at good position which is even harder to use. You have to have a mouse to be able to do something. But who would want to carry mouse all the time? Even with a mouse it’s not comfy enough. Mouse is too far away from the keyboard and you need to do big moves to do something.

If you never used for some time touchpad with Chromebook or Mac, you very probably don’t understand me now. Trust me, it’s totally different level than any other touchpad (or mouse). I really don’t understand why only Google and Apple can do it. Even more interesting is that Google doesn’t do Chromebooks by himself. A lot of companies do it for Google. Why good touchpad is only at Chromebook devices and not elsewhere?

Similar problem is with the keyboard. I was writing already about very poor operating system (Windows is not option for me as developer). Notebook is also ugly, big and heavy. I know that I’m describing mostly one situation, my current work device. But when I look around, I would have problem to find any other good notebook. There are only two options for me. Mac for work (because I need to be able tu run development locally) and Chromebook for personal use. And that’s it. There is no other good notebook.

Please, prove me wrong!

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